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(Note: Regular definition: 

“The enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure” 

Bible definition: 

“ A lack of self control” 

Third definition: 

“Relating to the body and all of the senses”) 




I am here to throw away the old definitions of sensuality 

Tied to lack of self control 

Or to the lesser version of all sensuality tied to sex. 

I am here to claim the true definition of sensuality - 

To connect body, 

My body, 

To all of the senses 

I am here to flirt with my own feminine 

To romanticize every ritual 

To court my cunt 

To play with pussy power 

To awaken and arouse 

Every hair on my skin 

Electrify each cell 

That I am made of 

Whether the climax of my orgasm 

Or sinking my teeth into a juicy apple, 

It is the same 

I am a seven day burning candle 

My flame’s light claims your attention 

First as a trance, 

Then I cast my spell 

My wax gets hot and pools 

at the base of the flame 

I take my time as I swell over - 

Dripping as slowly as I feel like 

My scent fills every corner of the room 

Intoxicates your nostrils with nodes of 



Sweat and pine 

My heat draws you in, 

The gentle warmth quickly turns 

To scalding hot if you’re not used to it, 

So get used to it. 

Run some cold water over that burn and 

Come back for more 

Toughen your skin 

As you soften into my embrace 

Let my wick crackle in an

Explosion of delight 

Taste my heat like tea too hot 

You burn your tongue on, 

But take another sip and I soothe

Your throat in the way that 

Takes away the ache 

Let me burn all the way down

From Sunday service 

To Sunday worship again  

I am the one who gets to blow out the candle 

But this flame can never 

Be extinguished 


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