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To the Women In My Lineage:

When I think of the women in my lineage, 

I know that I carry 

The voices of wisdom who did not have access to write their stories. I welcome you to my dreams. I will tell your stories with the gift of language that exists beyond our bodies shelf life. I will write your stories until my fingers bleed. I will speak your truths until my voice is hoarse. 

I know that I carry 

Healers and medicine women deemed as witches. Burned for their brilliance, demonized for their service. I will resurrect your spells as the balms our bodies are starving to remember. 

I know that I carry 

Innovators with their fingertips like composers with a thread and needle, creating beauty out of scraps, somethings out of nothings. I will create art with the same resourcefulness. Anything I interact with will be more beautiful from my desire to make it that way. 

I know that I carry 

Lost voices 

Broken spirits 

Suppressed rage 

Stifled passion 

I am here to unlock it all and let it run freely like the crack 

To the break 

To the bursting of a dam 

Breaking is not destruction

Breaking means there is an opening 

To something new 


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