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When In Doubt

When In doubt 

Take a breath 

Then take another 

When in doubt 

Tilt your chin up to the sky 

Then bring your chin to your chest 

Listen to the drumbeat within you 

When in doubt 

Fill your pockets with leaves 

and pebbles from your walk 

When in doubt 

Wear the stretchy pants 

When in doubt 

Buy the expensive wine 

When in doubt 

Respond with “I don’t know” 

When in doubt 

Call a friend -

If they don’t answer 

Call another -

You know you have list to choose from 

When in doubt 

Scream into a pillow 

When in doubt 

Write until your hand cramps up 

When in doubt 

Look at yourself in the mirror 

Repeating “I love you” 

Until you believe it 

When in doubt 

Put the self help book down 

And ask your gut what the answer might be 

When in doubt 

Ask the hard questions 

Have the hard conversations 

Learn the hard lessons 

When in doubt 

Know that doubt is but a fictional debt within our minds 

That dissipates as soon as we finally address it 


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