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Hi! I'm Breeanna

I'm a queer poet and writer creating community and healing through writing. 

Although writing was something I gravitated towards my entire life, I carried the narrative and core belief that I could not be a poet or a writer because I didn't study it in college. Or when I thought of poets, I only considered them to be those who could rhyme, a skill I could never get to. So before even allowing myself to step into a space of writing, I had already severed the path before it could even begin. 

Then, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, trying to claw at any type of normalcy, a friend of mine recommended I do a 27 day "free writing" challenge - the practice of taking a prompt and getting pen to paper - no attachment to grammar, spelling, anything; just allowing 15 minutes to show up for myself and let whatever might want to pour out of me onto the page. After those 27 days, I looked back and thought "Holy shit, wrote that!?" 


Through this practice, my love for writing was reignited. Writing has allowed for my insides to come outside. Writing has been the pathway for me discovering the life I have always wanted to live rather than the life I was told I should live. Writing has been a healing modality, a way to process, an expression of art, and a sense of belonging. It's because of writing I have been able to practice getting away from the act of performing and tap into the space of my knowing. 

And that is what I want to share with you. To give yourself permission to show up for yourself, without any attachment to an outcome or the lines of a box. To use writing as a way to discover a little more about yourself and feel brave enough to show yourself a little more authentically to you and those around you. 


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